Helping our ageing community do what they love again

From golf and swimming to pottery and music, happier ageing is about rediscovering the fun in life.

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Overall, what she gets is care, honest-to-goodness care. I get the peace of mind of knowing that my mother is with a company that sincerely cares about her. They give you basic respect, dignity and the tender loving care that all of our parents want and that we want for our parents.”

Andrea S
Client’s Daughter

Their care allows me to run the rest of my life, you know, because I have a full-time job and two 16-year-olds who need to go places. Nurse Next Door has taken the burden off of me. There’s really no other way we could have managed it.

Sari F
Client daughter

Four Pillars of Happier Ageing®

Travel & Adventure

Could you imagine Mum or Dad travelling again? From local day trips to having exotic destinations brought into the home, ageing shouldn’t prevent anyone from experiencing the joy of adventure.


You’re never too experienced or old to learn. Whether it’s a new recipe, a card game or a new instrument, learning keeps the mind sharp.

Connections & Relationships

By connecting clients to family and friends–in some cases ones they’d lost contact with decades ago–we’ve seen more smiles and laughter than we can count.


Every adult should rediscover the fun in life. We can help older people play like they used to, even if it means wading in the pool rather than swimming in their childhood lake.

Happier Ageing® in action

Happier Ageing® has given older people a chance to rekindle passions and interests.

Bronwen’s Dream

Bronwen had always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon, but did not have anyone to go with.

Nurse Next Door registered nurse, Sacha, spent a very special morning with Bronwen, living out her dream

Ms. Daisy’s Bucket List

Care Designer Stephanie shares what our client, Ms. Daisy in her mid-80’s who needs around-the-clock care, put on her bucket list… and you’ll never guess what it is!


Mick’s Dream

At Nurse Next Door we focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Prior to his stroke, Mick used to love riding motor bikes, so our care team decided to surprise him with a ride on a Harley Davidson. “Best thing I’ve done this year” said Mick afterwards. Next goal: “to get up and walk”

Robert’s Dream

The last time Robert was in a Harvard Aircraft was 63 years ago when he was a pilot in World War II.

When his caregiver, Janet, found out about his passion for airplanes, she made this happen.

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