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Here’s why we believe Mum and Dad should stay at home.

“In-home care allows families to be families”

Happy Couple

As our loved one’s age and inevitably require further assistance, it can be an extremely taxing burden for families to figure out the next step for their loved ones. There are so many factors to consider in terms of cost, resources, location, as well as the health and happiness of the whole family. If you’re torn and confused about what to do next, here’s why we believe you should choose in-home Care for your loved one.

1. Healthier Ageing:

Studies have shown that older people who stay at home are able to maintain superior health, faster recovery times, and as a result, live longer lives. This is because it’s easier for germs and viruses to spread in populated Nursing Homes and assisted living facilities, whereas the privacy of staying at home negates opportunities for cross-contamination with others. Not only does the comfort and familiarity of the family home promote lower stress levels, but having in-home individualised care ensures that your loved one’s condition is monitored more closely and personally.


2. Happier Ageing:

In a study conducted by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute surveying 2,400 older Australians, 93% percent aspire to remain in home-ownership. The main reason most of the ageing population would prefer to stay at home is that it ensures that they maintain their independence and sense of identity. Without the surroundings that help to ground us and inspire us, many fall into depression and lose the motivation to continue pursuing our passions. Receiving in-home care not only ensures the close observation of health and safety, but it also means that the individual is able to continue living the preferred lifestyle that has shaped them into who they are. With in-home care, individuals can continue eating their favourite meals, keep enjoying their favourite activities and hobbies, and continue to surround themselves with their favourite items and belongings.


3. Happier Pets:

Additionally, staying at home means that one is able to hang on to their beloved furry friend, which is essential for many in terms of feeling loved, safe and happy. Owning a pet has been proven to lower stress levels and counter loneliness, as well as provide a sense of calm and stability particularly to Alzheimer patients. 

nurse care giver sitting with an elderly woman and her dog after doing house keeping helping to keep her living in her own home

4. Happier Relationships:

Moving from home into nursing home facilities can induce perpetual feelings of isolation and loneliness for the elderly. Receiving in-home care ensures that they are able to continue being a part of their local community, and keep seeing the family and friends that help them feel happy and well. Moreover, relationships with immediate family members are strengthened as sons, daughters and spouses are relieved of the stress of caretaking for their family members. In other words, in-home care allows families to be families.


5. Happier Carers:

Staying at home also has the added benefits of encouraging strengthened bonds between Nurses/Caregivers and clients. While Nursing homes typically have rotating staff members with lots of clients in one space, receiving care at home allows for one-on-one personalised care from the same team members, fostering a greater sense of trust and companionship amongst clients and carers.

Care giving nurse helping an elderly man with Sundowners to look at photographs and reminisce which will help his symptoms

6. Happier and Healthier Life:

It’s important to challenge the perceptions surrounding ageing. Getting older doesn’t have to feel helpless. Instead, we believe that ageing is worth celebrating to the very end. This doesn’t mean that our in-home care clients don’t have their fair share of challenges, but it does mean that staying at home allows loved ones to continue making meaningful memories whilst they are taken care of holistically, not just medically. When all facets of our lives are nurtured; physical and emotional health, relationships, interests and hobbies, and environment, one can continue to live a life of fulfilment and prosperity regardless of age. 

At Nurse Next Door, we are passionate about Making Lives Better. If you want to celebrate ageing click here to learn more about The Power of Happier Ageing or contact us today on 1300 600 247 to discuss how Nurse Next Door can help you keep doing what you love.


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