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“Caring is the essence of nursing.”  – Jean Watson

Each year International Nurses Day highlights the many ways in which nurses are making an impact to meet the needs of individuals and communities worldwide both now and into the future.

We sat down with some of our own nurses this week to ask them what their most memorable moment has been with a client, and what quote they wanted to share which has helped them keep going throughout their career to motivate and inspire nurses present and future. Here is was our wonderful nurses had to say:

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses. We must be learning all our lives"

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

There are always so many stories I could share as a nurse, but I remember one in particular because it wasn’t just a single moment but rather a series of memorable moments with twin girls when I used to work in the disability sector in children’s respite care.

A recently widowed father came to us with one-year-old twins who had both been born with extremely severe disabilities. He needed help taking care of them while also finding the time to take care of a young son. We took the girls on immediately and went above and beyond to ensure the father received all the hours he needed to help care for his beloved daughters, so he could have the time to balance out the rest of his life and maintain a good relationship with his son.

It almost felt like we were sharing custody with the girls, they were with us 4 days a week and stayed with us until they were 18 years of age. They then moved to adult respite and home care, and went on to lead full lives. While in our care, the nursing team all became family, and the father treated us that way as well. He knew all of us, all our birthdays personally, and we always got gifts for any special occasion.

What inspired me most about these moments was how happy the girls were, there was never a dull moment. They always felt comfortable, were always happy to see us and always happy in general despite what they went through. It put everything into perspective for me, my life is not that bad but I’m really lucky and grateful for what I have; those girls taught me that.

Sheena (RN)

National Clinical Quality Compliance Lead
Nurse Next Door Australia

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Get involved! Always listen, learn, and grow from the people you work with, the new, the experienced, and from other fields, as well as your clients. Reflect on your practices, and take care of others as well as yourself.

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

I have so many I can’t even keep count but there is one client who remains an incredible inspiration to me.

I had the pleasure of providing wound care and emotional support for a paraplegic lady who had a deep wound, skin graft with complications, multiple surgeries and a lengthy stay in hospital.

She overcame such trauma and setbacks over time but her persistence and determination allowed her to return to her home, partner and very active life. To be a small part of her healing journey is truly a pleasure and honour that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Sacha (RN)

Business Owner
Nurse Next Door Melbourne Inner South East

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"Why nursing? They're the ones who open the eyes of a newborn & gently close the eyes of a dying man. It is indeed a privilege to be the first & last to witness the beginning and the end of life"

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

One of the most impactful moments I’ve experienced was working in palliative care.

Having the privilege and supporting a palliative client, and their loved ones, in their last days together is something I'll never forget because each and every moment was different, was memorable ane precious even though it can feel devastating at the time.

Being in the room when someone is at the end of their live really makes you appreciate how special life is. I am grateful for everything that I experienced working in end-of-life care because it really puts your own life into perspective. Those were the moments that I really cherish.

Serena (RN)

Clinical Operations Lead
Nurse Next Door Melbourne

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"Nursing is an amazing & rewarding profession - there are so many areas one can specialise in. Nursing has given me the opportunity to grow & develop both personally & professionally - I've undertaken further studies & travelled due to my career. One should continue to strive to reach their potential both personally & professionally."

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

I am honoured and privileged to connect with and support clients wherever they are on their health, or life, journey. I have had so many memorable moments in my experience as a nurse over the last 30 years and many constantly remind me why I love what I do, and why I continue to work as a nurse.

If I had to choose, it wouldn’t be a particular moment but rather the times when I am working with palliative clients. Being there to support my aged care clients, and their families, towards the end of their life, those moments are something really special and I cannot even begin to describe the impact that is left on you.

I am very fortunate to have been part of so many of those precious moments. This is what inspires me to get out of bed in the morning, to keep working as a nurse the taking care of those around me to the best of my ability. This is my purpose, this is my ‘why’.

Sarah (RN)

Care Designer
Nurse Next Door Melbourne

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others."

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

I love what I do and have so many wonderful memories and shared experiences but the ones that really stay with me are when you know you’ve really made a difference in someone’s life.

One of my most memorable moments was with a client that I was visiting while she was very depressed due to her condition. When I visited her, a lot of the time was spent simply listening to her concerns and frustrations. After we had a really good chat one day, she smiled for the first time and I saw this incredible shift within her. Ever since then, she has had a positive outlook on her life even through the most challenging of days.

Sometimes it’s those simpler moments that stay with you, those simple acts of just listening and being there for someone. I didn’t realise I was leaving such an impact but when I saw my client completely shift I just thought, “wow, I am so grateful that I can do that for someone, make them smile.”

Maricel (RN)

Care Designer
Nurse Next Door Melbourne

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

"Not every day is easy, sometimes you will wonder why you are a nurse, if 'it's' worthwhile, you may feel undervalued or overwhelmed but just around the corner is a moment that reminds you exactly why you are a nurse - keep going, you are incredible"

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

While I am still growing my career, I’ve really found a passion in palliative care.

The moments I have witnessed and the experiences I have shared with my client and their loved ones toward the end of their life, really teach you so much.

Each of these unique, and precious, moments are memorable to me. To have that honoured privilege to enter such a sacred moment in time for an individual and their family is so special, it is what makes being a nurse so rewarding.

Meghann (EN)

Care Ambassador
Nurse Next Door Melbourne

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

“Sometimes I inspire my clients, more often they inspire me.”

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

Even though I’m just starting my career, I always find myself reflecting on memorable moments with my clients.

Recently, I met a new client who is an incomplete quadriplegic from a spinal accident and still has the determination to do physio exercises and is slowly but surely getting some improved range of motion to be able to do something as simple as getting a drink of water to his mouth.

Where some of us could just give up and get down and do nothing to help ourselves, this client’s determination really knows no bounds and I just find it so inspirational to witness. Obviously, there are the good and bad days but his constant persistence could see some improvement for him in the future.

It's so incredible to see people help themselves to get better. My clients really inspire me and it brings me so much joy that I can in some way help to see people get to be their best selves.

Jacqui (EN)

Enrolled Nurse
Nurse Next Door Melbourne Outer East

Throughout your career, what quote has inspired you to keep going?

“When you’re a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”

What was your most memorable moment with a client?

It’s hard to pick just one moment as there are so many little special moments every day with our clients. If I had to pick one memorable moment, it would be with one of our disabled clients who had not seen the beach in over 10 years. I cannot imagine not being able to feel the sea breeze on my cheeks, or listen to the waves and just take in what nature has to offer for 10 years!

When Nurse Next Door organised a beach accessible wheelchair and facilitated a visit to the beach, I had the amazing joy of witnessing the smile on the client's face especially when he felt the water on his feet, that was unforgettable!

At times we forget to appreciate the simple things in life and seeing my client's pure happiness that day reminded me of why I chose this path and why I am so glad that I did!

Karly (RN)

Care Designer
Nurse Next Door Gold Coast

Nurses are at the heart of what we do, and without their skills, tenacity and kindness we wouldn’t have the ability to help our clients with both their medical and non-medical needs.

We wanted to thank each and every one of them today and every day for all their consistent hard work and dedication to our clients, and fellow colleagues. Thank you for inspiring us here at Nurse Next Door Home Care Services and reminding us that no matter how tough things get we will continue to pursue our mission of Making Lives Better™ together.


At Nurse Next Door, we are celebrating ageing and are passionate about Making Lives Better.™

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