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It’s no secret that happiness and good health go hand in hand. We hear it all the time. In fact, we agree so wholeheartedly that we registered HappierAgeing®!


But it’s not just us. Researchers have found that even the smallest moments of happiness can have a direct link to living longer. So it’s time to ask yourself, what makes you happy?

Like most people, your 30’s and 40’s were probably a fairly hectic time. Maybe you were raising children, juggling finances, or just balancing work and life. There wasn’t a lot of time to yourself. Now in your 60’s, 70’s and beyond you have time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Walking, swimming, reading, maybe skydiving, older age should be a time of independence and an opportunity to rediscover old passions or take up new ones.


So why is it that being happy helps you live longer? Well research suggests that doing what you love will usually mean you’re staying active. And by active we don’t just mean you’re playing sport and hitting the gym, although you might be, and that’s great for your physical health. But what being active really means is that you’re staying connected to friends and family and your community.

These social interactions are the foundation of happiness and have far reaching benefits on your health. Ties to friends and family, home care providers or trusted community members mean there’s someone there to laugh or cry with, to share your experiences and discuss your concerns. As humans we’re driven to connect with others and relationships are important as you age and perhaps find yourself without your partner, or with adult children who are, like you were in your 40’s, stretched to the limit and not always able to be there.


And if that’s not enough to convince you, studies encourage you to consider the idea that organising your appointments, arranging your social life and chatting with others who share your passion are all activities that have been shown to help older people cope with the changes ageing can bring to your mental health. Keeping your brain sharp helps you remain active, which allows you to focus on your happiness, and so around it goes.

And if you still think you’re “too old” for that, just take a look at what a 103 year old Eileen Kramer has been getting up to :



As Betty Friedan famously said: “Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”. We think she was definitely on to something.

Learn more about how Nurse Next Door Home Care Services can support Mum or Dad ageing happily and healthily in their own home.

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