NDIS Disability Support

Nurse Next Door works closely with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We offer a range of disability support services for our clients to help maintain their independence in their own home, on their own terms.

From assistance with everyday activities to social and community participation, our team of experienced nurses and caregivers offer a personalised tailored plan to match the unique needs of each individual.

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Home Care Nursing

Our Home Care Nursing program is designed to ensure you can continue your personal relationships with your family members and circle of friends in the comfort of your own home. We work with your medical and allied health team to ensure you’re receiving the highest level of professional support care that you require. Our experienced care designers will monitor changing conditions and help you adjust the services as required.

It’s our mission to make sure you can continue to live in the comfort of your own home while still receiving the love and support you need.

Social & Community Participation

We know it can be challenging to stay busy and active, especially if you are living with a disability. We want to be sure you feel energised to engage in interesting events. We will assist you to explore and participate in community based activities that you enjoy and, if required, help to develop, build and maintain friendships.

Improving the health and emotional well being of our clients is central to our philosophy of care and means our team is able to deliver the highest quality of care.

Around the Clock Care

Whether it’s 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the early hours of the morning, our comprehensive health services program will support you with compassionate and attentive assistance any time you need it.

From providing medication in the evening, to assisting you with getting dressed in the morning, we will ensure you have Around-the-Clock Home Care for situations that may require close monitoring. Rest easy knowing you will always have someone by your side to attend to your needs if and when necessary.

High Intensity & Complex Health Care

We understand that you might need some extra support for more complex health needs. Our team of Registered Nurses and specialised staff have the relevant skills and knowledge to support your high intensity daily activities. They will ensure that continuity of support is always safe and of the highest quality.

Our qualified and experienced Nurses can provide high intensity support with complex bowel care, urinary catheters, wound management, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding, and subcutaneous injections.

Care Design & Coordination

Our Care Designers are all Registered Nurses with a minimum of 15 years experience.  They appreciate the complexity and individual nature of each person’s disability and are able to provide a fully comprehensive assessment and develop a care plan utilising the range of disability services we can provide.

Our Care Designers are in regular ongoing contact to make sure the care team and care plan is meeting the needs of the individual.  This means any changes that need to occur to improve or enhance the care can be made.


Your health and happiness is our top priority, which is why your Companion Care will be compassionately designed to provide you with a comfortable and inspiring environment while you stay in your own home.

We can assist you in daily tasks and routines that help you to live your life your way, in your own home, on your own terms. We will support you to enable maximum independence in personal activities of daily living, for example, support with self-care, household cleaning and garden maintenance.

It’s our mission to let you lead your life normally while having the confidence that you can still do and accomplish everything you want to with an experienced aged care companion every step of the way.


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