Ongoing Care Management

Nurse Next Door aims to provide the most comprehensive in home aged care and disability support services for you and your loved ones, including our family case management program.

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Your Specialised Care Team

Nurse Next Door will pair you with a team of qualified, insured caregivers lead by a Care Designer, who is a Registered Nurse, to look after all aspects of your care and happiness.

Our aged care, disability support services team and your designated Care Designer will be responsible, not only for your initial assessments, but for your continual and ongoing well-being.

You can think of your caregiver as your very own ‘professional relative’ who genuinely cares about your health and cohesiveness of your care.

Ongoing Management Program

Nurse Next Door’s aged care and disability support management program ensures your care designer will be with you and support you long after your first introduction.

Your caregiver will assist you in navigating difficult topics and complex issues, compassionately address any emotional concerns you or your loved ones may have, and be with you to select highly qualified amazing care team. Your caregiver will also help you make short and long term care plans for your in home care needs.

Consistent Care Coordination

Your care designer is responsible for your care coordination, and supporting you in all aspects of your home care program. They will be there to organise your health assessments and coordinate any complex care, so we can provide the highest care possible for your specific ongoing care needs.

Additionally, they will coordinate your continuity of care to make sure you have the perfect match caregiver and a consistent home care team. The care designer will strongly advocate on your behalf for all of your health needs so you know someone always has your best interests at heart and will be with you every step.

Injury & Complex Care Needs

If you have had an injury or are a person living with any chronic conditions, your care designer will be in contact with your care facilities, hospital, allied health services and your local doctor.

The care designer is the glue holding everyone together and, as they are registered nurses, you be can rest assured knowing your health providers, family and caregiver will always be on the same page with regards to your care and treatment.

Open Communication with Families

If your family happens to live out of town or are away on vacation at any point, your care designer will ensure they are provided with all the updates around your overall well-being.

They will also check-in frequently to keep your loved ones up to date on your care arrangements and care plan progress to eliminate any extra stress or worry while you are apart.

Care Services Center Available 24/7

Open, honest and consistent communication is important to us at Nurse Next Door.

You and your family will have convenient on-going access to our 24/7 Care Services Center. If our Care Designers are busy out in the field, you will always have a person to speak with who knows about your personal case.

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