In-Home Meal Preparation

Nurse Next Door knows how important mealtime is throughout your morning, afternoon and evening.

Our care team provides thoughtful meal preparation services to ensure you have the most enjoyable culinary experience at every meal.

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Menu Planning & Meal Preparation Assistance

We understand that meal planning can be an important part of your day but at times can prove to be a challenge. Even as simple a task as picking up ingredients from the grocery store can start to feel overwhelming. Our in-home caregivers will happily accompany you to keep your meal planning and preparation simple.

Your caregiver will lovingly prepare meals for you at breakfast, lunch and dinner based on your culinary favourites and your most coveted snacks too. Tea-time with cookies after lunch? A relaxing nightcap of warm milk and honey just before bedtime? They will go the extra mile to prepare all of your comfort foods and more.

Cooking Service

We know that you may be an amazing chef yourself with a love for home cooked meals, and cooking for your family and friends. We understand you might not have a driver’s licence, so it can be difficult to go to supermarket on your own, and walking around a store with a shopping trolley or a full basket might be tricky.

As part of Nurse Next Door’s meal preparation and cooking services for the ageing community and people living with disability, your caregiver will handle all of your grocery shopping for you each week or accompany you on your daily errands if you prefer selecting your own ingredients from your favourite food shops.

Have fun preparing a meal together with your Nurse Next Door home caregiver whenever you feel inspired. Share your menu wish list with your Caregiver and we will help to make your culinary dreams come true!

Nutritious Meals

Your nutrition and health is as important to us as your meal satisfaction. That’s why Nurse Next Door’s companions provide healthy meals, giving you the option to enjoy fresh foods that match your specific dietary needs, food preferences and nutritional requirements while still tasting delicious.

Are you on a gluten free diet? Cutting back on sugar and salt? No problem! Your caregiver understands your personal dietary requirements, with a deep knowledge about how to prepare delicious meals that will meet your nutritional needs. They will create a special shopping list for all of your dining needs as well, taking your special dietary information into consideration.

Rest easy knowing you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner every day in the comfort of your own home.

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