Palliative Care at Home

You deserve comfort, quality of life, and respect for your personal treatment decisions and cultural or spiritual concerns at every stage in life.

Nurse Next Door promises to provide you the necessary palliative care and family support you need in the comfort of your own home or in a care facility through our end-of-life care program.

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Our Palliative Care Services

Your professional aged care team will offer a range of support services.

They will discuss how much support you desire, and take into account your wishes and preferences as they work closely with you to evolve your care plan. We will also take your family member and loved ones’ wishes into careful consideration so that everyone is on the same page going forward.

Nurse Next Door will put your care needs first. We want to know where you would like to receive your care and where you want to spend your remaining days.

You can receive end-of-life care at home or receive hospice services in a care facility, depending on your needs and desires.

We Respect Your Psychosocial and Spiritual Needs

We recognise that the best end-of-life care is based on the understanding that this phase of life is natural and inevitable but can also put a tremendous emotional toll on you and your loved ones. Nurse Next Door’s main goals are to maintain your ultimate comfort, carefully explain the choices available to you and support your individuality to the best of our abilities.

We aim to reduce any inappropriate and stressful decisions regarding the setting of your care, providing you with the option of home care whenever possible.

Nurse Next Door’s comprehensive health care team will look after your preparation for the end-of-life, your relationships with your family members and healthcare providers, supporting you in achieving a sense of completion to the best of our ability.

Palliative Care Where & When You Need It

Receiving palliative care can be a difficult experience for you and your loved ones.

Our greatest goal is to support you and your family’s acceptance of your end-of-life care phase and to discuss any changing aspects of your care process openly and honestly.

Most importantly, we guarantee you will never be alone. Your caregiver, Nurse Next Door care team and other health care professionals will remain in close communication and contact with you and your family at every stage to ensure this chapter is as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

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